Palabek Villages

It was good to see the people of the Palabek villages where we drilled to water wells in 2014. However it was disturbing to see that they were close to starving because the crops planted in September have failed due to early dry conditions. Now it is raining again but they do not yet have a new harvest. Everywhere we went in northern Uganda people were blaming El Nino for the disruption of the normal wet and dry seasons. Everyone was concerned about their crops. We did introduce a one quarter acre drip irrigation system to the Palabek villages which will be served by water from one of our boreholes. This will allow the growing of some vegetables during the dry season which begins soon. Today we go to a village named Opit where we have partnered with a community of Ugandan nuns to raise goats which we hope will supply income to support our Clinic on the FEM farm.