Our senior staff has over 30 years of experience providing expert testimony in support of litigation and contested administrative cases. We’ve been admitted as experts and have testified in federal district courts and state district courts throughout Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. We frequently testify in contested cases and trials before the Montana Water Court. Our scientists and engineers are routinely called on to represent clients in contested administrative hearings before governmental bodies such as Departments of Environmental Quality, Departments of Natural Resources, Environmental Quality Councils and the like.

Our areas of expert representation include:

  • Clean Water Act cases involving Waters of the U.S., wetlands, irrigation water, and stream restoration;
  • Safe Drinking Water Act cases involving Underground Injection Control (UIC) permits and injection wells of all classes, and contamination of public drinking water supplies;
  • Superfund Sites and CERCLA cases involving organic contaminants in soils and groundwater, mining wastes, and characterization of mining impacts due to heavy metals;
  • Water Quality Act cases involving characterization of the sources, causes and extent of contamination of soils and groundwater; remediation and remedies, and monitored natural attenuation;
  • Property Damage and Insurance cases involving water sources of any kind, water damages to structures from runoff and groundwater, flooding and storm damage assessments, and water trespass;
  • Water Rights cases including contested administrative hearings; assessment and mitigation of adverse impacts to groundwater and surface waters, and Indian and Reserved Rights cases.

Our experts hold advanced degrees, certifications, and experience in:

  • Hydrology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Geology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Geographic Information Systems aerial imagery and spatial data analysis

We are frequently called on to assist clients with environmental decisions and risk reduction guidance.   

Our experts have represented individuals, industry and governmental bodies in the areas of, oil and gas, mining, groundwater issues, geology, contaminated media, drainage, erosion, landslides, air quality, wetlands, and more. Attorney and client references can be provided upon request.