Uganda Mission 2018

HydroSolutions founder and V.P. Tom Osborne is headed back to Uganda for the next few weeks on another mission with Hope 2 One Life. The mantra of this year's visit is: Clean Water Development - Essential elements to life, health, and economic prosperity.  

Tom will be checking on previous water projects including a return visit to the remote village of Mboira, where they drilled a 60-meter borehole in Fall 2017 to replace the village's previous water source pictured below:


A key focus of this visit is to assist Ugandans in developing and growing business opportunities. Key sectors include:

  • Women & Family Empowerment Enterprises
  • Water for Drinking and Drip Irrigation
  • Farming and Animal Husbandry Enterprises
  • Empowering Teachers and the Next Generation
  • Rural Health Delivery and Training
  • Implementation via our Ugandan Partner

Click below to download a copy of Tom's presentation on Uganda Water Projects 2018.