Now is the Time to File a Claim on an Exempt Water Right

With the passing of House Bill 110 (HB 110) Montana property owners have the opportunity to file a claim on exempt water rights. Although you are not required to do this, if you do not file a claim on or before June 30, 2019, your water right will be subordinate (junior in priority) to all other filed water rights. You may be eligible for this filing opportunity if:

  • Livestock watered directly from a creek, coulee, draw, or river on your property prior to July 1, 1973; or

  • A well or developed spring on your property was used for stock or individual domestic purposes before July 1, 1973

Need help filing an exempt water right claim? HydroSolutions is presently filing exempt statements of claim for numerous clients and recommends that Montana land owners file on all possible exempt water rights to protect and maximize their property values. Through the use of GIS mapping software, we have developed a refined and efficient process to assist our clients with the water rights filing process. Contact Water Rights Specialist Dave Baldwin at 406-443-6169 x104 or to determine your eligibility and begin the process of filing a claim for an Exempt Water Right.