“We are honored to have WRSI on the HydroSolutions team, and look forward to the comprehensive, highly effective approach this acquisition will bring to our clients.”

HydroSolutions President, Thomas Osborne. 

HydroSolutions Inc has launched a new brand identity and website, harnessing the momentum of their recent acquisition of established consulting firm Water Rights Solutions Inc (WRSI).

The acquisition of WRSI marks a significant step in the firm’s efforts to deepen its expertise in the increasingly important fields of water rights and water resource management. HydroSolutions is continuing to strengthen its technical and specialized expertise; allowing the firm to take on increasingly complex and large scale water rights, surface water hydrology, hydrogeology, and environmental projects.

The acquisition is also an exciting opportunity for HydroSolutions to expand its capacity for serving clients across Montana and the West. HydroSolutions and WRSI clients will receive the same high level of service and responsiveness they’ve come to expect from both firms - under the same roof.  The firm will also continue to focus on the scientific integrity and accuracy that allows for objective analysis and reporting for its clients.

COMPANY INFORMATION: HydroSolutions Inc is a Montana-incorporated environmental, water resource, and engineering consulting firm founded in 1999. The firm is a Veteran Owned Small Business with offices in Helena and Billings, Montana, and serves clients throughout the West. HydroSolutions specialize in hydrology, geology, environmental engineering, groundwater, water rights, water quality, environmental assessment, fisheries and wetlands, and remediation services. Scientific integrity, technical expertise, independent analysis, and top quality deliverables are the foundations for every project we undertake.

CONTACT: Luke Osborne, luke@hydrosi.com. 406.443.6169.