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groundwater Hydrogeology 

The hydrologists, hydrogeologists, and geochemists at HydroSolutions have extensive experience helping clients understand and solve a broad range of hydrogeology and environmental hydrogeology issues, as well as helping them develop groundwater resources. Our groundwater expertise includes:

  • Aquifer testing (pumping tests, slug tests, yield tests). Test design, measurement and analysis.
  • Potentiometric/water table map development and hydrograph analysis,
  • Geochemical characterization of water quality.
  • Numerical model development (MODFLOW).
  • Analytical groundwater modeling, including estimation of drawdown from wells.
  • Identification and assessment of groundwater resources for use as drinking, irrigation, commercial, and industrial water supplies,
  • Design of water supply wells and monitoring wells,
  • Lithologic logging and oversight of well installation and construction,
  • Construction dewatering plan development and review.


HydroSolutions’ geologists and hydrogeologists are experienced in combining field observations, analysis techniques, published data, and our knowledge of Rocky Mountain geology to help understand the geologic aspects of any project. HydroSolutions geology services include:

  • Geologic/hydrogeologic assessment of areas and formations for groundwater yield potential
  • Evaluation of geologic controls on groundwater systems, including contaminant transport and fractured bedrock aquifer systems
  • Drilling oversight and lithologic logging of water wells, monitoring wells, and soil borings
  • Assessment of properties for oil, gas and mineral development potential
  • Geologic characterization for Environmental Impact Statements (NEPA/MEPA), Industrial Permitting, and Environmental Site Assessments
  • Geologic evaluation and analysis for underground injection control permitting.

HydroSolutions offers these and many other hydrogeology and geology services. If you have a project that involves hydrogeology or geology, please contact us and a member of our staff will be happy to discuss how HydroSolutions can assist you.