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Senior Hydrogeologist + Helena Office Manager

Dave Donohue is a hydrogeologist and registered professional geologist with 30 years of experience in natural resources, water rights, environmental management, mining reclamation, geology and hydrogeology. He has managed and been the technical lead on projects with State, Federal, municipalities, attorneys, and industry clients, focusing on variety of environmental and natural resource, MEPA, NEPA, DOD, and EPA CERCLA- and RCRA-related investigations. He has provided expert witness support for environmental, hydrogeologic, and water rights cases. He has designed and implemented baseline studies and prepared environmental impact statements and environmental assessments. He has completed assessments for public and private water resources and water rights, Phase I ESA (ASTM standards) and mineral potential evaluations (USFS and IRS requirements) for real estate transactions, SWPP, SPCC, and MPDES permitting, as well as CWA Section 404 permitting. He currently focuses on contaminant migration in soil and water, water rights, and water resource investigations for federal, state, and Tribal agencies, NEPA projects for the National Forests, mine-land reclamation, as well as technical evaluation for land exchange projects. He manages the Helena, Montana office of HydroSolutions, and focuses on business development throughout the western U.S.


B.A., Geology, University of Montana

M.S., Earth Sciences (Hydrogeology), Montana State University